Monday, 1 August 2011

Busting the Cherry

Hello and welcome. This is the first blog for the newly created Daily Desires! This is where you applaud and whoop. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dan (not really, it’s my pseudonym, but I will address this later), and I am one half of the creation team behind the blog. I also update the Facebook and Twitter page. My girlfriend is the other half.

So you are probably wondering why we decided to start this blog. Well it’s simple… We love sex. We love talking about it, doing it, watching it and reading about it. Sex is a perfectly natural thing to do, yet for some reason, people are still afraid to talk about it in ‘polite’ conversation. Even on the internet, if you talk about sex a lot, or show an interest, you are regarded as a pervert or desperate. It’s sad that people see this perfectly normal act as a dirty little secret you really should keep to yourself.

Yes, I have seen similar websites and blogs as Daily Desires, but with one difference. They all seem to have a specific area of expertise. They are usually BDSM specific, or perhaps all about interracial sex, orgies, anal etc. whereas our aim is to make a blog for everyone. We hope people of all ages, all religions (or lack thereof), or nationalities and backgrounds will read what we have to say and hopefully interact with us and share their own thoughts and feelings towards the subject.

We also hope to offer advice and information regarding anything you wish to know or whatever is going on in your lives. We will be upfront an honest with any questions you may have.

So why is sex such a dirty little secret? A forbidden fruit? Well whatever the reason, it’s kept us from revealing our true identities in case someone we know reads what we say.

Another question you might be asking, is what can you expect from this blog. Well, we hope to get as many writers as possible, talking about an array of subjects, but as of the time this was wrote, we only have three writers confirmed, and four more who said they would do it, and are just in the process of creating their profiles and thinking about their subjects. I will be blogging every Monday, and my partner will be blogging on Thursdays, and then Mist T-Fie on Fridays. We also will be offering our readers the opportunity to get something they have wrote on our blog on Saturdays. All you have to do is send us your work ( on Fridays, and we will vote and whichever blog/s get the most votes, will get to be featured on Saturdays. Sunday is free and easy day. This is where our regular bloggers can write about any subject.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you around in the future.

Dan Desire

Dan Desire is a 24 year old male from England, and when he isn't blogging, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter and he is reachable by email!

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