Monday, 8 August 2011

Those who can, DO. Those who can't, WATCH PORN.

Fortunately (although I  feel Unfortunate most of the time), I am of the latter.

At this point the letter V doesn’t mean victory, but Virginity.

Or I can use it twice: Veteran Virgin.


Well, technically I am not the oldest virgin in the world (I encountered someone who is around 80 years old. Yea, I know.). However, at 24 years old, I am starting to worry.

But then most of the time I really don’t Give a Fuck.

Probably the reason why I don’t  Get a Fuck.

Also, being a virgin doesn’t mean I don’t wanna have sex.

God (if ever he exists) knows how MUCH I wanna do it. Yes, I have to emphasize much. I remember a friend telling me she and her fiancé (they have been together for 8 years) told me that they were only doing it once a month and I was like ‘whaaaaaat???! I know I’m a virgin, but damn, that’s way too, umm scanty?’

Sex, in my opinion, may not be a necessity. However, once experienced, I think it becomes a need. Like it’s going to be rice for eastern asians, bread for europeans,  spam for americans, burrito for southern Americans. It basically just have to be there. Once a month is quite ridiculous I'd have to say.

Assuming I am going to have an EPIC FF (although from what I’ve heard it’s quite unlikely), I’m quite positive it’s gonna have to be regular. Because having sex, according to studies is a great way of stress release. And I am surely going to need a lot of that. Like seriously. Not only does it help people release stress, it also a good cardiovascular work out, great way to balance a woman's hormones and it also makes the skin seem like it's glowing.

No wonder I have bad skin and am constantly falling into depression every once in a while.

No sex all stress makes the missus a mess.  :D

And because for now I can’t do, I’m just going to watch porn. What kind you say? We’ll see. hehehehe.....


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